Voucher Plan

User Terms and Conditions

Last revised on 23 April 2020

Voucherplan is owned and managed by Dineplan (Pty) Ltd. For the purposes of these terms of use, Voucherplan and Dineplan refer to the same legal entity.

Primedia (Pty) Ltd (“Primedia”) is a licensed radio broadcaster and promoter of the save your faves initiative.

Voucherplan has been set up to assist restaurants, cafe’s, and other small businesses in South Africa that have been severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Voucherplan is a free to use service for Merchants to sell Gift Vouchers, for consumers to redeem at a future date.

Voucherplan provides a Gift Voucher platform for Merchants and Consumers to use and transact on.

Gift Vouchers can only be redeemed while they are valid, and their expiry dates cannot be extended. More specifically:

  1. Gift Vouchers that are purchased are valid for 3 years after sale. In each case, if your Gift Voucher has not been used within that period, it will expire.
  2. Gift Vouchers cannot be used to buy other Gift Vouchers. They do not accrue interest and are not refundable for cash once purchased.
  3. Voucherplan and Primedia will not be responsible for any harm due to the loss, unauthorised use or unauthorised distribution of a Gift Voucher, after Voucherplan has delivered the Gift Voucher to you, or the email address nominated by you.
  4. Voucherplan and Primedia are not responsible for the supply or provision of the Merchant Offering.

How do I get my Voucher?

Once Voucherplan has received your payment (this can take a few days depending on our banks) you will then be emailed your voucher.

What if the Merchant I buy a voucher from closes before I make use of my voucher?

As none of us can predict the future, this is a risk that you take when buying a Voucherplan Gift Voucher. Voucherplan cannot facilitate any refunds whatsoever.

Where does our responsibility end (disclaimers, limitation of liability, and indemnity)?

Voucherplan is not liable for any loss or harm which flows from your use of, or inability to use our service. Specifically, we cannot be held liable for any loss or inconvenience due to the Voucherplan software or the Voucherplan website downtime.

Voucherplan and Primedia are in no way involved in or responsible for the services provided by our Merchants listed on the Voucherplan website and cannot be held liable for their actions or failure to act, the Gift Voucher that they are selling through Voucherplan or any related activity. You indemnify us against third-party claims due to your breach of these Terms or applicable legislation.