Voucher Plan

User Terms and Conditions

Last revised on 22 November 2023

Voucherplan is owned and managed by Dineplan (Pty) Ltd. For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, Voucherplan and Dineplan refer to the same legal entity. These Terms and Conditions should be read in conjunction with Dineplan’s End User Terms and Conditions, found here.

Voucherplan provides a gift voucher platform for Restaurants and Diners to use and transact on and by making use of such platform you have accepted these terms of service and the end user terms of conditions referred to above.

There are two types of Dineplan vouchers. A Universal Restaurant Voucher which can be redeemed at any Dineplan restaurant which has opted in to receive Dineplan vouchers, and restaurant-specific vouchers which can only be redeemed at the restaurant which the voucher has been purchased for.

To see a list of all Dineplan restaurants who have opted-in to accept Dineplan universal vouchers, click here. We will try to keep this list up to date at all times, but we cannot guarantee the accuracy of this list.

All bookings are subject to normal availability. Having a voucher does not provide the user with any preferential booking availability. At the time of making your booking, please advise the restaurant if you plan to use a Dineplan voucher.

Restaurants can choose to opt-out of accepting Dineplan universal vouchers with a 30-day notice period. If your booking is more than 30 days in the future, and you have booked at a restaurant who subsequently chooses to opt out of accepting Dineplan universal vouchers, then it is possible that you may not be able to redeem your voucher at the time you eat at the restaurant. We will do our best to warn anyone who has booked in the future and has indicated that they will be using a voucher should this circumstance arise.

Please call +27 21 276 5702 should you experience any issues redeeming your Dineplan voucher.

You may not redeem less than R50 when using a Dineplan voucher. Any balance less than R50 remaining on your Dineplan voucher will be forfeited.

Vouchers are valid for 36 months from the time of purchase.

Vouchers can only be redeemed while they are valid, and their expiry dates cannot be extended.

You are responsible for keeping your voucher details and secret code safe and secure.

Vouchers cannot be redeemed or exchanged for cash, and do not accrue interest.

Vouchers are not refundable.

Vouchers cannot be transferred or used to purchase another voucher, or any other product or service offered by Dineplan or Voucherplan.

Vouchers cannot be replaced if lost, stolen or misused.

Dineplan reserves the right to cancel a voucher if we deem such action necessary. If so, we may provide a replacement voucher of equivalent value unless we suspect fraud has taken place.

You are able to gift a voucher to someone else. It is your responsibility to make sure that you use the correct details of the person you would like to buy the voucher for. Once purchased, vouchers cannot be transferred to a different person.

Please note that due to the complexity of email security features by the various email service providers as well as email security features implemented by individuals, we cannot guarantee the email delivery of gift vouchers to the recipient. After purchase, please confirm with the recipient if they have received the gift voucher. If they have not, please contact Dineplan or Voucherplan for assistance.

Dineplan cannot be held responsible for any harm due to loss, unauthorised use, theft or unauthorised distribution of a voucher, after Dineplan has delivered the voucher to you, or the email address nominated by you. It is your responsibility to keep your voucher details safe. Should you believe that your voucher has been fraudulently redeemed, please contact Dineplan or Voucher plan immediately.

Dineplan is not liable for any loss or harm which flows from your use of, or inability to use our service. Specifically, we cannot be held liable for any loss or inconvenience due to the Dineplan or Voucherplan software or website downtime.

Dineplan is in no way involved in or responsible for the services provided by the restaurants listed on the Dineplan website and cannot be held liable for their actions or failure to act or any related activity.

You indemnify us against third-party claims due to your breach of these Terms or applicable legislation.

Dineplan is not responsible for the supply or provision of the Restaurant Offering.

These terms and conditions may be updated from time to time.

How to check your voucher balance If your voucher has been purchased with the same guest details (specifically the mobile number) as your Dineplan app user profile, then your voucher will be displayed in your Dineplan app, including its remaining value if it has been partially redeemed.

If you do not have the Dineplan app, you can scan the voucher QR code with a mobile device and it will display the voucher value and the balance remaining on your voucher.

How to redeem your voucher When arriving for your restaurant reservation, inform your waiter that you plan on redeeming a Dineplan voucher when paying the bill. At the end of your meal, you will need to present your Voucher reference and Secret code or QR code, either printed or on your phone, to the restaurant. The restaurant will then capture the voucher details, and the amount that you are choosing to redeem, in their Dineplan or Voucherplan account. The redeemed amount will be removed from your bill.

Should you experience any difficulty in redeeming your Dineplan voucher, please call +27 21 276 5702.

Protection of Personal Information All personal information supplied by you, whether it be your own personal information or that of someone else in the form of a gift, shall remain confidential and shall only be used for the purpose it was intended. Dineplan’s privacy policy is contained on the website.